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5 ways to repurpose your wedding flowers. Guide from a London Wedding Florist

Décor and wedding flowers play a huge part in creating the dream setting for your wedding day. It's a way to wow your guests and really express who you are as a couple. And while we all want to see our Pinterest boards brought to life, decor and flowers is one area of your budget where the sky's the limit in terms of spend.

Your budget can quickly spiral if you don't decide early on where your spending ceiling is, but with clever repurposing of your decor and wedding flowers, you can ensure whatever you commission is used to maximum effect on the day. Not only could this save money if on a strict budget, but it's also a more sustainable and eco-friendly way to style your wedding. However, do note that this really only works in certain circumstances, and will require extra help and planning before and on the day. Below, we explain how you can repurpose your decor and wedding flowers on your wedding day with eight clever ways to do so.

How it Can Work

When it comes to re-using your wedding decor and wedding flowers on the day, you will mostly be repurposing them from the ceremony to the reception space. This works best when the ceremony and reception are in the one venue. So while your guests are enjoying drinks and nibbles, your ceremony decor is easily moved to the nearby reception space with little hassle or damage. If you're having a church wedding and driving to the reception venue, things can get tricky. An elaborate floral piece, such as a fresh flower arch, will have taken your florist some time to put together, and won't be transported easily or put up again easily.

The Main Areas to Decorate

  • Ceremony entrance flowers

  • Ceremony backdrop flowers

  • Aisle flowers

  • Altar wedding flowers

  • Venue entrance wedding flowers

  • Guest book station

  • Cake table display

  • Guests table centrepieces

  • Top table

1. Large Arrangements to Centrepiece Florals

Reuse your magnificent large floral arrangements from your ceremony as centrepieces at the reception. Place them in vases, or we love them on tall stands in the middle of your guest tables for extra wow factor.

2. Ceremony Backdrop to Photo Op or Behind the Bridal Table

Floral and decorated moon gates, pillars, arches and flower walls all make for the most epic ceremony backdrop. But you don't only want to use it for an hour and then not see it again. Transfer your wow-piece to the reception room so that you can use it to maximum effect there too. Either behind the top table, or in a space where you can add a bench or chairs, maybe add some props, and - voilà - you have the perfect space for photos with your guests!

Floral pillars are spectacular and one of the hottest wedding trends. They look amazing at the entrance of a church or ceremony space or on either side of your altar or ceremony table. They make for the most beautiful images, so why not allow them to frame your beautiful wedding cake display, where you'll be snapped slicing your sweet creation later on in the evening. It can also be a wonderful way to decorate your memorial table or guest book station.

4. Bridal Party Bouquets to Guest Tables, Fireplaces or Dessert Table

Add some extra oomph by simply adding extra vases for your bridesmaids bouquets to sit into.

syon house wedding couple holding white bouquet

5. Ceremony Urn Arrangements to Behind the Bridal Table or an Entrance

Ceremony urns usually sit on plinths or a higher surface. You can reuse these urns by the bridal table or by an entrance. They can also be used as a photo prop somewhere cute in your reception area!

artificial urn flowers in church

6. Wedding Centrepieces Repurposed Down the Aisle

Now this doesnt always work but certain centrepieces can be used to line the aisle. These works best if all your centrepieces are the same style and size. Pop them by the chairs and voila - perfecting styled aisle!

repurposed flowers down the aisle

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